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Warranties and California Lemon Laws

Judging by many of the phone calls we get, conversations with clients, friends, and colleagues who don't practice in the field
there is some confusion about warranties and the California Lemon.

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Cars, trucks, and the powertrain portions of motorhomes are covered by our Lemon Law if:

  • The vehicle is new, used, pre-owned or certified.
  • You bought or leased it.
  • When you bought or leased the vehicle it was covered by the manufacturer's warranty (or portion of).
  • A manufacturer's extended warranty.
  • You discover the defect before the warranty expires.
  • The manufacturer has had a reasonable number of opportunities to repair the defect.
  • The vehicle has been in 'the shop' for thirty or more days, cumulatively.

Vehicles that were previously found to be 'lemons' and were repurchased by the manufacturer, then repaired and resold are covered as long as they come with a warranty.

Motorcycles, the coach portion of a mobile home and towables (fifth-wheel trailers, toy haulers, travel trailers and pop - up campers) are covered as consumer goods and have the same protections as any consumer goods sold with a manufacturer's warranty.

The defect still must be discovered before the warranty expires. You still must give the manufacturer the opportunity to repair the defect.

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