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What Is

California Lemon Law

A body of consumer protection laws in the state of California. This legislation was given its nickname because people have come to refer to troublesome vehicles as "lemons."

The California Lemon Law applies to cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, RVs, motorcycles, some business-owned vehicles, and boats. For the most part, the vehicle must be under warranty. (The vehicle might qualify out of warranty, if it had an ongoing problem that required it to be in the shop several times prior to the expiration of the warranty).

It applies to purchased or leased new vehicles. It also pertains to used vehicles that are certified pre - owned and/or still under a manufacturer's warranty.


What Does Qualify As A Lemon Car?

New or used vehicles sold or leased with a manufacturer's written warranty that haven't been repaired within a reasonable number of repair attempts.


Have You Made Reasonable Attempts At Repair?

The type of defect can affect what "reasonable attempts" means. For example, a brake problem may be considered reasonable with fewer repair attempts than a defect that doesn't affect the vehicle's safety. Another way of proving a reasonable number of repair attempts is by looking at the number of days that the vehicle has been in the shop.

Does Your Car Have Substantial Impairments?

A "substantial impairment" is a problem which is covered by the warranty that impairs the car's use, value, or safety.

Getting A Refund or A Replacement Car

New or used vehicles sold or leased with a manufacturer's written warranty to buy back or replace a vehicle that hasn't been repaired within a reasonable number of repair attempts. If you qualify under the Lemon Law, you are entitled to get your vehicle repurchased or replaced.

The Process

How It Works

If your vehicle or other consumers good fails to meet the manufacturer's warranty after a reasonable number of repair attempts, then it is a
"lemon" and you are entitled to a refund or a replacement vehicle or other consumer good. If your vehicle is not determined to be a lemon, you
may be entitled to receive cash compensation under the lemon laws for the diminished value of your vehicle or other consumers good.

Car Brands


Learn More About Your Manufacturer

When you purchase or lease a car, the manufacturer or its representative is obligated to stand by any explicit warranties it made. If your vehicle turns out to be a lemon and the manufacturer won’t repurchase, replace or compensate you, then you should speak with our Lemon Law attorneys about your legal options.

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About California Lemon Car Lawyer "Liz" Gayle

Liz Gayle is considered a top California Lemon Car Lawyer. For more than 19 years, she has been helping consumers get their lemon cars in California bought back by manufacturers. Also, as a former counsel to a major auto manufacturer and highly experienced California lemon law attorney, Ms. Gayle has extensive knowledge of California’s Lemon Law.

As a result, Liz Gayle is one of the most sought after Lemon Law Lawyers in California. A client-focused lawyer, Ms. Gayle has successfully handled cases for many clients – both owners of cars and those leasing vehicles. Additionally, Ms. Gayle works directly with consumers to dispute cases with auto manufacturers and dealerships, concerning vehicles ranging from moderately priced domestic models to very exotic and expensive import autos or recreational vehicles. To learn more about lemon law attorney Liz Gayle, click here.

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