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Motorcycles enjoy the same protection as cars under the California Lemon Law but in a slightly different way. Motorcycles are considered ‘consumer goods’ and have the same protections as other consumer goods sold with a manufacturer’s warranty.

While the details differ somewhat, the intent is the same: protect motorcycle owners who have bought a lemon.

Every rider knows that what might be considered a minor defect in a car could be a serious safety hazard in a bike. Protections are there for motorcycle owners. No one must put up with a lemon.

If you think you have a lemon – or think your motorcycle is headed that way – call Gayle Law Group PC – as soon as possible.

The team at Gayle Law Group PC has years of experience helping motorcycle owners. We understand the intricacies of lemon law provisions. Moreover, we know what to expect when manufacturers are faced with a lemon claim.

Understand the window for bringing a motorcycle lemon claim can close quickly.

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California Motorcycle Lemon Law
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What Makes a Motorcycle a Lemon?

Simply, a motorcycle is a lemon if you bought it new, it is under warranty, it doesn’t perform like it is supposed to, and you’ve tried to have it repaired and have been unsuccessful.

In many ways, the requirements for motorcycles are less stringent than those for cars under the Lemon Law with less room for interpretation.

Your motorcycle may be considered a lemon if:

  • The motorcycle you’re riding isn’t the bike as described in the warranty.
  • There is a ‘substantial defect’ that is a safety issue. Or affects your use of the bike or its value.
  • The motorcycle has gone to the repair shop multiple times and the problem persists.
  • You have not been able to operate the bike for at least thirty days. Note that motorcycle repairs take substantially longer than car repairs. Not being able to use a bike for thirty days or more is not uncommon.
  • You haven’t done anything to cause or contribute to the problem. Modifications, an accident, or neglecting regular maintenance void the warranty.
What Makes a Motorcycle a Lemon?
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For a Motorcycle Lemon

Like cars under the Lemon Law, a lemon will either be repurchased by the manufacturer or replaced. Unlike car lemons, however, the manufacturer decides which action to take. In addition, the manufacturer is responsible for all attorney fees, costs, and expenses. Consumers pay nothing.

What to

Do If You Think You Have a Lemon

First, watch your mileage. It is vital when evaluating a claim. Manufacture warranties for motorcycles may be long on the time the bike is covered and short – noticeably short – on miles driven.

Then call the Gayle Law Group PC for a free consultation.

And document everything. Every issue, every repair attempt, every day the bike was in the shop. Get and keep every work order, invoice, and receipt. Write down the name and title of everyone you’ve written or talked to – at the dealership, in the service bay, at the manufacturer’s headquarters.

Do that while the attorneys at the Gayle Law Group PC advise you on every step, walk you through the complexities of motorcycle lemon law and deal with the manufacturer.

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