10 Lemon Law Tips

  1. Do Your Research. If you’re still shopping for a vehicle, check out the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) website to see if there are service complaints, bulletins or recalls for the new or used car of your choice.

  2. Get It In Writing. You are entitled to a repair order or invoice every time you take your car into the dealership or pick it up from the dealership. Ask for a printout, even if they don’t actually repair your vehicle. Do not allow them to leave your ticket “open” while a part is being ordered – get a separate invoice for each visit, since every one of your visits counts as a “reasonable attempt to repair” and must be documented.

  3. Verify the Details. Make sure that what the service representative is typing onto your service order is a complete and accurate description of your vehicle’s problem.

  4. Keep Everything. Store all records of service repairs and visits in a safe place that is NOT in your car. These papers can often get “lost” at service shops.

  5. Document Your Calls/Visits. Write down the name and title of the person you spoke to and the content of the conversation after every phone call or service visit.

  6. Don’t Settle for Less. Before you accept a manufacturer’s settlement, consult a California Lemon Law attorney to determine if what you’re being offered is fair.

  7. Don’t Overly Educate Yourself. Doing research on the Lemon Law , vehicle recalls and other pertinent information can help you learn more about your options, but don’t talk yourself out of a case. Instead, contact a qualified lawyer who can tell you if your case is valid.

  8. Don’t Arbitrate. Contrary to what a dealer or manufacturer may tell you, you do not have to submit to arbitration with a third-party before filing a Lemon Law claim with a lawyer.

  9. Keep Your Options Open. Even if you’ve already gone through arbitration you may still be able to pursue your rights with a lawyer.

  10. Contact a Lawyer Right Away. If your vehicle has been in the shop repeatedly for a problem or problems, call an experienced California Lemon Law attorney as soon as possible so that evidence and witness testimonials are still fresh.

Particularly in California, where your vehicle is your lifeline, trouble with a lemon can dramatically affect your day-to-day productivity and your quality of life. If you’re having trouble with a vehicle and aren’t sure what to do, call the Law Offices of Elizabeth Agmon Gayle for a FREE CONSULTATION . Remember, by law, the manufacturer is responsible for paying the legal fees of the Lemon Law cases that we resolve for you. Call TOLL FREE: 1-866-STOP-LEMONS (1-866-786-7536).