Problems Associated With Lemons

If you think you have a lemon, you’re not alone. Each year, auto manufacturers buy back an average of 100,000 lemons. The manufacturers and dealerships may hassle consumers during the repair process, but they are often ready to settle as soon as a lawyer is hired.

Common Problems Associated With Lemons

The California Lemon Law provides for refund or replacement of vehicles with problems that substantially impair the use, value or safety of the vehicle, including, but not limited to:
  • Brake issues
  • Engine stalling/not starting
  • Heating/cooling problems
  • Transmission issues
  • Other engine issues (vibrations, noises, overheating, etc.)

Less serious, but still significant, problems can also qualify your vehicle as a lemon. These include a window that keeps breaking, a heated seat or mirror that doesn’t function properly, faulty fuses, dashboard lights that won’t go off, a stereo that won’t work or a short in the interior lighting system that cannot be fixed after multiple attempts.

Example of a Lemon Law Case
A few years ago, client Jose Smith Jr. of Long Beach, California leased a Kia Sportage. He paid $800 for the down payment and agreed to monthly payments of $300. He believed he was getting a great deal, especially compared to the similar Honda CRVs and Toyota Rav4s he had seen that were much pricier.

However, after only a few months, he began having a variety of issues with the Sportage: the windows stopped working, the stereo had to be replaced and the air conditioning system’s refrigerant ran dry. To make matters worse, the hot engine coolant then began leaking profusely onto the floor of the vehicle.

The dealership spent a week replacing the heater core, but hot engine coolant continued leaking heavily into the cabin. It was repaired five more times, with no success. He reported the problem to Kia and they just referred him back to his original dealership’s service manager, so he called the Law Offices of Elizabeth Agmon Gayle . Within two months, Kia paid $8,000 to Smith for the cost of his down payment, lease payments, registration fees and rental car costs incurred during the various periods of repairs. Kia also paid off his loan and Ms. Gayle’s legal fees.

Don’t Hesitate to Call a Lawyer
Sometimes, consumers are wary of contacting a lawyer regarding their vehicles because they think they don’t have a case or think that their cases won’t be taken seriously. At the Law Offices of Elizabeth Agmon Gayle, our California Lemon Law lawyers take every case seriously and no problem is considered insignificant. Call TOLL FREE : 1-866-STOP-LEMONS (1-866-786-7536) for a FREE CONSULTATION today.