What Qualifies as a Lemon?

In order to qualify as a lemon eligible for monetary recovery or vehicle replacement under the California Lemon Law , the problems that your vehicle has experienced must be of a substantial nature. They must substantially impair the use, value OR safety of the vehicle. Contrary to what your dealership may tell you, the problems do not have to be safety related. Examples of substantial problems include those involving the brakes, engine, steering, electrical, suspension, air conditioning, windows, or transmission.

There are several scenarios that can qualify your car as a “lemon.” Your vehicle does not have to be brand new or have extremely low mileage in order for the Lemon Law to protect you. For example, if the problem occurred under warranty, your vehicle may potentially be a lemon, even with 36,000 miles or more. You could even qualify if the vehicle is out of warranty but has had an ongoing problem that required it to be in the shop several times prior to the expiration of the warranty.

Your vehicle may also be eligible for coverage under the Lemon Law if, all together, it has been in the shop for an excessive number of days (30 or more since you took possession of the vehicle), even if the repairs have been for separate problems. A vehicle that needs to constantly be repaired for various issues can often qualify as one that is substantially impaired under the Lemon Law .

RVs, business-owned vehicles and boats can also qualify for coverage if they meet the same criteria as passenger vehicles. If you’ve had trouble with a new or used vehicle in California, contact the Law Offices of Elizabeth Agmon Gayle to speak with an experienced California lemon law attorney . Even if you’re not sure if you have a case, let the firm determine this for you. Don’t talk yourself out of a solution to your car problem. Call TOLL FREE : 1-866-STOP-LEMONS (1-866-786-7536) for a FREE CONSULTATION for your case.