Lemon Law


Tired of Driving a Lemon? California’s Lemon Law May Provide You With a Way to Get a New Vehicle or Your Money Back!

There are a number of Californians who are either unaware that California has a Lemon Law or who, for a variety of reasons, falsely believe that it does not provide them with any rights. California actually has a very consumer-friendly Lemon Law that protects both buyers and lessees of new and used vehicles. The law applies to private passenger cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, motor homes and registered motorcycles. In some cases, the California Lemon Law also applies to business-owned vehicles (under 10,000 pounds) as well.

Often, service writers, advisers or managers at car dealerships attempt to deter you from pursuing your Lemon Law rights. They may tell you that the Lemon Law does not apply to your vehicle without stating a valid reason. Or, they may provide you with a routine excuse, such as “Your car hasn’t been in the shop enough,” “Used cars don’t qualify,” or “Your vehicle’s mileage is too high/too low.” You may have even heard these same excuses if you’ve tried to contact the manufacturer directly.

History of the Lemon Law in California
In 1970, California was one of the first states to enact a Lemon Law and it remains one of the strongest in the nation today. The formal name of the Lemon Law is the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act. By law, it may provide you with a refund of your money (down payment, monthly payments and certain other fees) or a replacement vehicle. It’s important to note that the manufacturer may deduct a “usage offset” (the monetary value of the miles you drove before you first took the car in for repair) from a settlement.

If you purchased or leased a new or used vehicle in California and have had an ongoing problem or problems with the vehicle that a dealer has unsuccessfully attempted to fix on multiple repair visits, you may qualify for recovery under the Lemon Law .

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